Environmental concerns are growing, and interest in environmental issues is increasing and the idea of generating electricity with less pollution is becoming more and more attractive. Unlike conventional generation systems, the fuel of solar photovoltaic energy is available at no cost. And solar photovoltaic energy systems generate electricity pollution-free and can easily be installed on the roof of residential as well as on the wall of commercial buildings as grid-connected PV applications. In addition to the grid-connected rooftop PV systems, solar photovoltaic energy offer a solution for supplying electricity to remote located communities and facilities, those not accessible by electricity companies. The objective of this contribution is to present the latest developments in the area of solar photovoltaic energy systems. A further objective of this contribution is to discuss the long-term prospect of solar photovoltaic energy as a sustainable energy supply. Benefits include reducing electricity bills, renewable energy sources, low maintenance costs, diversification, and technology upgradation.

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) installation
  • Grid-connected
  • Off-grid
  • Solar module internal dressing
  • DC cable laying, Solar & Auxiliary cable laying, and termination
  • Erection and Termination for equipment’s like Inverter, Transformer & RMU
  • Inverter station foundations for cable tray, string combiner box, weather station & lightning arrester
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